Presentation Graphics & Specialty Design Services


--Not Just Advertising

Enhance a special occasion, promotion or event. Communicate a statement with clarity, quality and style. Make a great presentation!

• Collage Art Signs & Message Plaques

• Specialty Momentos & Awards

• Custom Interior Sign Systems

Created with hand-cut layers of fine handmade, exotic papers and natural fabrics from around the world, chosen for your special presentation.

If you are a business which offers a quality product or experience in a unique setting -- Bed & Breakfast, Boutique, Art Gallery, Fine Apparel, Specialty, Gift Shop, Cafe, Salon, Spa, Lodge, Florist -- You know how important Presentation can be!

Enhance and personalize your interior business sign and visual communications needs with custom designed and crafted IDs, Signs and Advertising Frames -- Visually rich and assembled with the beauty of natural materials!

Great presentations take thoughtful planning, a fine melding of human psychology and art. One-of-a-kind approaches to projects are my specialty!

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